Just Friends

by Sumrit Shahi

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Mahaveer Publishers

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Just Friends is the story of two teenagers named Aaryan and Tanie, and their unconditional tie. It is a story of a boy and a girl who know each other’s deepest secrets and ultimate highs. The story revolves around relationship between a boy and a girl, and their bond that makes them more like a habit for the other.

The novel is about two parallel stories of Aaryan and Tanie, and their years growing up at school and hostel. This is also the story of Aaryan and his best friend Boza, his loads of ex-girlfriends and his self-professed true and distance love, Ishita. Showcasing the ups and downs of a love-hate relationship, the story will take readers back to their good old days.

The book describes instances of bunking, group studying, hostel grumpiness, indulgence in sports, examination fevers, friendships, crushes, and first loves. More than a friend, yet less than a lover, that’s what defines the relationship of the main protagonists. Their uncanny understanding, care, expectations, experiences and feelings form the core of the story. The book was published by Mahaveer Publishers in 2010, and is available in paperback.

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